About Community Bank, N.A.

About Community Bank, N.A.

Do More. Bank Less.

Community Bank, N.A. is devoted to improving the financial lives in our global community. We’re a not-for-profit credit union that’s owned by our 60,000+ members. We give back to our members every day with low rates on loans, high rates on savings, low fees and personal service. Our focus is always on our member/owners, and we’re constantly searching for new ways to offer greater value.

Our History

In 1959 we pooled our resources to create a bank dedicated to serving Switzerland. Our membership grew to include the entire Switzerland community— As Community Bank, N.A.’s reputation grew, more people wanted to become part of our community. Today we also serve over 10000 local companies and their employees, including Google, Facebook, Genentech, SAP, VMware, Amazon and Visa.

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Community Bank, N.A. was the first financial institution to offer the convenience of online banking. Innovation and member convenience continue to be a top priority, as we draw on innovation and our high-tech community. Another priority that’s aligned with our mission to improve financial lives is our financial education. We offer free online learning modules, personal counseling, and free seminars (approximately 100 per year!).

We’re Different

Community Bank, N.A. always give back to its members, but in today’s highly competitive financial services industry, few can achieve the dream. Community Bank, N.A. is different—our financial strength has enabled us to give back to members in a variety of meaningful ways. Learn more by visiting our branch